Pay with card

You can pay with card almost everywhere in the park. However, you cannot withdraw cash when paying.

Ball sports

Considering the risk of accidents for other visitors, it is not allowed to play baseball, football, or golf in any of the park’s green areas. However, feel free to play street basketball, beach volleyball, and boules on the designated courts. If you don’t have a ball, we can lend out balls, boule sets, and kubb games at Ebba’s kiosk by the beach.

Lost & Found

If you’ve lost your keys, a security blanket, or anything else important, you can contact Naturum Värmland, where we collect items found in the park. If you’ve found something, we appreciate it if you turn it in at Naturum Värmland.


Värmlandstrafik line 10 departs from Stora torget at regular intervals and stops at the main entrance to Mariebergsskogen. See varmlandstrafik.se

Bus parking

Available in the parking area along the waterfront.

Bike-free park

It is not allowed to cycle in the park.


You must not disturb or harm the animals, hunt, or fish in Mariebergsskogen. You should also not feed the animals in Lillskogen; they are provided with all the food they need by the animal keepers. Incorrect or excessive feeding can seriously harm them. You shouldn’t even feed them grass.


Do not make fires anywhere other than our designated barbecue areas. There are special bins where you can dispose of disposable grills.


Admission to the park is usually free for all ages. Admission is also free to Naturum Värmland and Lillskogen. At certain times, such as during major concerts or our Christmas market, there may be an entrance fee.


Available for purchase in the Naturum Värmland shop.

Barbecue areas

You may barbecue here, but only at our designated barbecue areas located at the boat dock, Acksjöns chapel, in the Play Forest, upper playground, and at Gammelgården. There are no covered barbecue areas. Feel free to bring your own firewood or charcoal. If you bring disposable grills, you may only use them at the barbecue areas, and there are special bins for disposal after the fire has been extinguished. We continuously replenish firewood at the barbecue areas, so you are welcome to take some.

Smart bench

In the middle of Lillskogen, there is a smart bench where you can charge your phone and surf freely via the city network.

To charge, you need to bring a cable to plug into the USB port; otherwise, it’s completely free. There is also a Wi-Fi spot here so you can surf freely via the city network. Scan the QR code on the bench or select “Karlstad Guest” when you go to Wi-Fi settings on your phone.

Handicap accessibility

Large parts of the park are accessible for wheelchair users.

Handicap parking

Some spaces in the parking lot near the main entrance are reserved for those with handicap permits.


In addition to food, drinks, snacks, and ice cream, you can also buy souvenirs, books, and toys at several locations in the park. For example, you can find the beautiful Karlstad cloth from Klässbols Linneväveri.


Feel free to bring your dog for a walk here, and always keep it leashed. However, dogs are not allowed in Naturum Värmland, at our restaurants, or to swim at the beach. They are also not allowed to participate in guided tours or performances. In Lillskogen, there is usually a bowl of water provided for thirsty dogs.

Guide and service dogs are, of course, welcome.

How to get here?

You can find a map and directions under the heading Find Us.


If you need to warm up baby food, there is a microwave available for borrowing at the café in Naturum Värmland, the waffle café Spikgården, and at Ebba’s kiosk.


We have a large parking lot adjacent to the main entrance. Some spaces are reserved for those with handicap permits. Parking is free for everyone, but be aware that it can fill up during certain events. A tip is to take the boat bus in the summer or city bus line 10. Or why not try the walking and cycling path that leads here along the waterfront?


We have sleds available for rent at Ebba’s kiosk.

Changing tables, toilets

Toilets and changing tables are located at the stables, Ebba’s kiosk, the Outdoor Theater, and Naturum Värmland. Handicap-accessible toilets are available at all locations except the stables. There is no charge to use the toilets.


You are not allowed to drive a car, moped, bicycle, or electric scooter in the park. It’s safest for everyone. You may lead your bicycle through the park, but not park it inside the park.

Under cover

If it starts raining, you can seek shelter in the gazebos in the Play Garden or in the playhouse in the upper playground.


Confetti is very difficult to clean up and risks blowing around over large areas. Therefore, spreading any form of confetti in the park is not allowed.


You are not allowed to put up anything with staples or other sharp objects as this can harm animals and children if it ends up on the ground.

What are the rules for distributing leaflets and/or ballot papers?

Distribution of leaflets and/or ballot papers in public places may under certain circumstances be considered a public assembly, and therefore requires permission. Just distributing leaflets is not considered a public assembly, but if the individuals distributing leaflets manifest their message in other ways, such as through speeches, banners, or flags, and there is an opportunity for the public to participate, it is considered a public assembly. In that case, you need to apply for permission from the Police for a public assembly.

Can I put up posters without permission?

The local order regulations in the municipality specify where it is allowed to put up posters, etc. There are specially designated places where anyone can put up notices. In other public places, permission is required to put up, for example, election posters. In that case, you need to apply for permission from the Police to use public space.