Practical information

Here are some things to know before you visit us – a warm welcome!


Much of the park is accessible to wheelchair users.


Admission to the park is usually free for all ages. There is also free admission to Naturum Värmland and Lillskogen. On certain occasions, for example when there is a big concert, there may be an admission fee.


You must not disturb or injure animals, hunt or fish in Mariebergsskogen. You can not feed the animals in Lillskogen, since they get all the food they need from the animal keepers.

Barbecue sites

There are four barbecue sites – at Gammelgården, Lillskogen, Acksjöns Kapell and the jetty. Bring your own firewood or charcoal.


Karlstad bus no. 3 departs from Stora Torget at regular intervals and Mariebergsskogen is the last stop on the route. You can buy the public transport currency Turkronor from us and use it to pay on the city buses and ferries. See

Changing tables, toilets

Toilets and changing tables can be found at Stallbacken, the kiosk, the open-air theatre and Naturum Värmland. Disabled toilets are available at all the locations except Stallbacken. The toilets are free of charge.

Child carts

We currently have no carts available for hire.

Coach parking

Available in the car park on the waterside.

Disabled parking

A few spaces near the main entrance are reserved for disability badgeholders.


By all means bring your dog here for a walk, but always keep it on a lead. Dogs are not allowed in Naturum Värmland or our cafés. They are also not allowed to swim off the beach here. Lillskogen usually has a bowl of water put out for thirsty dogs.


Do not light a fire anywhere except our barbecue sites.

Getting here

A map and directions can be found under the heading Find us.

Lost & found

If you have lost your keys, a comfort blanket or anything else of importance, contact Naturum Värmland, where we keep things found in the park. If you find something, please hand it in at Naturum Värmland.


If you need to warm up babyfood, there is a microwave available in the Naturum Värmland café. You can also ask us to warm the food in the kiosk.


We have a large car park outside the main entrance. A few spaces are reserved for disability badgeholders. Parking is free, but remember that it can fill up for some events. A good tip is to take the ferry in the summer, city bus no. 3 or park at Sommarro IP. Or why not try the footpath and cycle path that leads here along the waterside?

Paying by card

You can pay by card practically everywhere in the park. However, there is no cashback service when you pay.


As well as food, drink, refreshments and ice cream, you can also shop for souvenirs, books and toys from various outlets in the park. You’ll also find examples of the wonderful Karlstad tablecloths from the Klässbols Linen Mill.


Can be purchased in the Naturum Värmland shop.


Please do not drive a car or ride a moped or bicycle in the park. This is safest for everyone.

Under cover

If it unexpectedly starts to rain, you can take shelter in the summerhouses in the Play Garden, to the left of the door into Holken or in the little playhouse in the upper play park.